The Redwood team has been supporting founders, CEOs and investors since 1994.

Our goal is to build value in every venture we are engaged with. It is critical that we collaborate closely to assure that all ventures assemble great executive teams. In order to do this, we must have a relationship that is comprised of trust and alignment in our strategy with a common goal of finding exceptional talent specifically tailored for each venture.

Redwood team members have a variety of experiences and skills across executive search, research, administrative, venture capital and legal. This combined experience enables us to support our clients in a variety of ways that are essential to building great businesses.

Our team:

Michael Flannery

Michael Flannery
Managing Partner and Founder

Michael works with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and corporations to build next-generation technology ventures. Over the years, Michael has developed ways to foster these young businesses with Redwood's sister seed funds and acceleration services. Michael and his team run executive searches for "C" level executives and the core executive team that will drive the overall business. In addition, Michael conducts Board searches for both the placement of key Independent Directors as well as Advisory Boards that have been selected early on to help ventures gain traction. Michael provides a range of services to entrepreneurs including acceleration strategies, seed capital, office space, and the full range of human capital services including syndication to the best suited venture capital firms. He is on the Board of trustees contributing to student advancement programs as well as a member of the 1824 Society. Michael is on the Board of the New York Venture Capital Association and he co-Chairs Friends of Belfast.

Michael is a graduate of Cazenovia College in central New York with a Bachelor's in Science.

Kailah Matyas

Kailah Matyas
Managing Partner

Kailah Matyas has been with Redwood since shortly after the Company was founded and is responsible for global assignments. She specifically covers Redwood's European, US and Asia Pacific regions. Her years of experience working with international high-growth companies have made her an expert at interpreting business goals into human capital needs and realizing the best people to build successful businesses. She has successfully built global executive teams for companies within the mobile, internet and digital media sectors and has particular expertise with cross border searches. Kailah opened Redwood's London office and has been instrumental in developing the Company's global Executive Search practice. She has been with Redwood for over seventeen years and was previously with a startup where she was responsible for building and launching their web/eCommerce strategy.

Kailah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from George Washington University.

Kyle Flannery

Kyle Flannery
Human Capital Director

Kyle is Redwood Partners’ Human Capital Director. His responsibilities include managing research and identifying top talent. Kyle is constantly analyzing the market for executives who have built next generation ventures, tracking them and their origins from early stage to exit. He works tirelessly to keep this information up to date and in real time so we have an understanding of executives’ earn outs and timing for that next great venture.

Kyle is a graduate of Plattsburgh State University of New York with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.